Banque de données généalogiques pour la Belgique Francophone.

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Ou comment faire peindre le blason de sa famille...


Genealogy DataBank from French Speaking Belgium.

Version française


"due to the Belgian Law for Private Life protection, all the informations recorded after 1895 are kept here under the control and responsability of their proprietor"

These pages were first written in the French Language. To help our foreign visitors not fluent in that language, we have tried to translate this job in English. The work is done slowly; so, don't be angry after us if some links are still to French pages... Be patient with us: we are also trying to learn! (I left school 30 years ago, and the bits of memory I am left with are far to be as good as I would have expected, or hoped... )

Every suggestion to help us deliver a better translation (and spelling!) will be most welcome...

  • WALLONIA is a data base designed to help other amateur genalogist, either from Belgium or from abroad. This data base is built using the data given by those who, in French speaking Belgium (Wallonia and Brussels) are willing to share their informations with others, thus avoiding to waste valuable energy but also to spare to the beginners (and also to much more trained searchers!) long searches which could have already been performed by others ...
    But the first goal is to put same names'searchers in touch

    Vous cherchez un Patronyme? Looking for a surname?

  • WALLONIA is neither supported by the French MINITEL, nor consultable "on-line".
    That means you have first to send your request to the bank. An answer will then come in E-Mail with a listing consisting of all the names asked for in your request
    Each name/record shows who is the proprietor of the information. You have then to get in touch with that person, whose coordinates are contained in the page Auteurs

  • In its present form, WALLONIA is consultable for free.
    But... PROJECTS do exist to make WALLONIA consultable "On-Line": all depends of the possibility to find a site which could host our data bank
    On the other hand, french genealogy associations are trying to show us the financial interests to place our data bank on MINITEL...

  • WALLONIA: General principles; information

  • Used Programs.
    From the beginning, WALLONIA has been designed keeping in mind the facilities given by the genealogy program BROTHER'S KEEPER.
    This Shareware made by John STEED : 75745.1371@compuserve.com is now at the DOS version 5.2B , and, beside the original English version, French, Dutch and German versions are also allowable on John's BBS.
    The WINDOWS English version is already distributed . We recently got the French translations made by Genealogy clubs in Belgium and in the canadian Province of Quebec.

    Nonetheless, even if BK5 has been choosen to standardise the procedures and for its multiple forms of reports, every GEDCOM compatible genealogy program may be used to exchange (send and receive) datas with WALLONIA.

  • Feeding of WALLONIA : NEW PROCEDURE! (13 Dec 97)
    • How to send your datas for inclusion in the data bank.

  • Coordinates : How to contact the data's owners
    • How to get in touch with the data's proprietors, to receive or exchange informations.

  • Consultation of WALLONIA
    • How to send request, and how to read the received E-Mail answer

  • Consultation Form : NO MORE ALLOWABLE!( from Nov 15th 96).
    • How to obtain a first consultation..

  • Index of the Lists of surnames appearing in members' personnal data bases
    • This "surname list" is intended to help researchers in locating the "fellow genealogist" detaining informations regarding the same surnames as those he/she is looking for him/herself. As these pages are regularly indexed by the big search engines (as we work on a belgian scale, we recommend to use WEBWATCH), all you have to do, on one of these engines, is to enter the said surname. You will then get the pages containing these surnames!

  • List of all the surnames which appear more than once in my data base (Hubert BARNICH)

  • Robert LENOIR's personnal page

  • General information on Genealogy (French only): Infos
    • a little memorandum on Genealogy in Belgium

  • Genealogy Home Page for Belgium by Pieter DONCHE

  • Genealogy in Belgium : Complement

  • GENEABEL genealogy site to find about places and ancient municipalities in Belgium

  • Genealogy in the Benelux .

  • Genealogy in France : Complement

  • Genealogy in GENERAL

    • Requests for help from belgian amateur genealogists to look into North American Genealogy (or related topics!)

  • A few translated Latin words (in 4 languages!)

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